Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Nicole Richie's maternity line

I knew the time would come. Nicole Richie is coming out with her own maternity line. While Lindsay Lohan has made us all despise leggings, Nicole Richie made them look so chic that every woman out there who's ever been pregnant wished they could pull them off.

There have been rumors about this line for quite some time now, but I am getting the feeling that this is the real deal. The marriage between a top fashion company and Nicole makes sense, She has been an admired fashionista ever since she blew up on the Hollywood scene. In fact, I would say there are basically three things that made Nicole famous -- Paris Hilton, being ridiculously thin, and her sense of fashion.

A source talks about the line saying, "Nicole is determined to bring out a line of clothes, with the focus being on maternity wear. Her line is going to be clean and simple, with emphasis on clothes that flatter the figure without drawing attention to the fact the wearer is pregnant."

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